I advise you how to easily make  smoky eyes:

1. All upper and lower eyelid with a brush, apply a thin layer of powder corresponding to the tone of your face. Powder is the basis for make-up and perfectly removes excess  of fat.
2. On the upper eyelid, apply a light cream or white with a light shade of pearl. This evens out the tone and gives a slight sheen.
3. Apply eyelash applicator on the edge of the upper and lower eyelids a darker, matte tone shades. This tone generates a contour of eyes.
4. Apply with a brush the main tone of shadows on the upper eyelid.
5. Apply with eye pencil outlines on the upper and lower eyelid, blend with thin brush. You can gently pull the corners of your eyes, you can also put a pencil on the mucosa of the lower eyelid above the lashes.
6. On the edge of the basin of the upper eyelid dilute the basic tone of bright pearly tone shading, ensuring a smooth transition as the dark tones in the light. You can also tap this tone in the inner corner of the eye.
7. Carefully apply mascara on upper and lower lashes. Makeup is ready!



Daily Make-up for eyes

 Question of how to make the daily make-up, is relevant  all times. The main objective of daily make-up is to give a fresh, natural, well-groomed appearance.

To start, we nedd to apply foundation and powder. This will help to hide some imperfections. Then spread the cream with a brush under the eyes  appling with gentle movements from the eyes to the temples. If the cream was too much, blot with a napkin, because it will not be profitable to allocate facial wrinkles.

Daily make-up requires a special, reverent attention. It is characterized by soft, translucent shades dominated by bright pastel colors. The main focus is on the eyes. In order to highlight the beautiful view, you need to flick to put on the inner corner of the upper eyelid a little dab light shadows. The outer corner of the eye draws the matte shadows-emphasis in the form of the Latin letter V, which will look bright and expressive. Color: dark brown, black, maroon, sienna.

  At the end of make-up apply mascara. 



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