A good make-up and beautiful hairsttling - it's a great way to express yourself, which can emphasize the dignity of appearance.

I can help you in making your unique image and highlight your personality and irresistible!

Is pleased to offer you the following services:


- Bride make-up- to create a festive image of the bride;
- Evening make-up - it can be classical, avant-garde (with special effects), or smoky-eyes;
- daily make-up - to give a person a healthy and fresh look;
- lifting make-up   -  with a rejuvenating effect;
- business make-up - which emphasize your neatness, grooming, business spirit.
- by themes: retro, secrets east, COCKTAIL, fantasy.
- make-up test (selection makeup for the wedding, and other celebrations and events)

Eyebrow shaping


Stealing for brides - creating wedding image – it is a special direction of my work. The bride in a solemn day  have to look perfect.
Hair styling for the event or party for shows, photo and video shooting, etc.)
Photosession (includes make-up, hair styling and photo-sesiya) -

Lessons in make-up consultation and selection of make-up products for you (2:00 - selection of colors + application technique).

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